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Education Journalists' Group (Shiksha Patrakar Samuha) was established in 2000. It is non-government organization, mainly focus on promoting education. It consists of over 50 journalists advocating quality education and at policy making and implementation level. It organizes different programs in different places and also provides information about value of education in rural areas. It deals with the research and development, interaction at community, organize radio programs, process of narrow down gap between existing and needy education situation by facilitating free flow of education etc.

What Education Journalists' Group does 

·         Promoting the value of education or importance of education in rural   areas.

·         Emphasis on the girl's education and marginalized people.

·        Analysis of education News

·        It provides different kinds of stationeries to the children of rural areas.

·        It deals with the child education and children rights.

Activities of Education journalists' Group

EJG has successfully undertaken different programs in partnership with Finnish Embassy, World Bank Nepal, Action Aid Nepal, UNICEF, UNESCO, Save The Children, Global Campaign For Education, Global Action and Department of Education. Currently, EJG has been running for promoting quality education for Girls and marginalized children in Terai region.

Currently, EJG is working with 3 Non-government organization, Alliance For Social Dialogue, UNICEF and Norwegian Embassy. In the support of Alliance for Social Dialogue, EJG organizing programs with the help of local and National level journalists. So, the journalist focuses on the education situation of Nepal and provides information to the peoples and tries to make the government active to improve or solve the education problem. In the partnership of UNICEF, EJG is handling 6 month project called "Advocacy and Social Mobilization Campaign to promote school as a zone of peace". In this, EJG organizing various activities like mobilization of media and civil society to create momentum on rights to education, Campaign on "school as a peace zone" and organizing cultural programs in Terai region with providing the importance and value of education. And Royal Norwegian Embassy supports EJG in promoting quality education for  girls and marginalized children in Terai region. EJG has been conducting this project by Baseline survey or research and development, mobilizing community for access, Media for good governance and sensitizing stakeholders for improving quality of education.

In generalization, Education Journalists' group deals with the educational problems faced by peoples of  Nepal. And furthermore, it do concerns about girls education and child rights. Education Journalists' Group Analyze the education problems by research and development programs and also find out solution of those problems. The main task of this organization is to improve quality education and change traditional education traditional education system. 

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