The working education beat journalists who belong to various print, online and electronic media can be member of Education Journalists' Group (EJG ) after the finalizing by the working committee. For the membership of EJG, education beat journalists, please contact us for form.


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Dhanusha Project

Promoting Quality of Education for Girls and Marginalised Children in Terai Phase...

Could schools be really made peace zones?

Kathmandu, June 10 - Education experts have expressed doubts over the implementation...

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(2073 Bhadra & Ashoj) Content Analysis

विषयवस्तु विश्लेषणको यस अवधिमा राजधानीबाट प्रकाशित हुने ठूला आकारका...

विद्यालय शान्ति क्षेत्र सिद्धान्तले पुग्दैन कार्यान्वयन होस्

विद्यालय शान्ति क्षेत्र, राजनीतिक प्रतिवद्धता कार्यान्वयनका चुनौती...

(2073 Ashad/Shrawan) Content Analysis Daily News Papers

Content  Analysis अध्ययनको यस अवधिमा राजधानीबाट प्रकाशित हुने ठूला आकारका राष्ट्रिय...

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