The government of nepal forgeting Dhaka declaration on EFA

The Education Journalists' Group (EJG)conducted a review programme of 'Dhaka declaration on EFA 14 Dec 2009'. In this programme, former education secretary Ramsharup Sinaha told that Nepal is on its way to establish SAARC Desk in Nepal. He accepted the bitter fact of lack of implementation of Dhaka declaration on EFA 14 Dec 2009. From the EJG, Pusparaj paudel illustrated all progress of Nepal after Dhaka declaration on EFA.

"The government of Nepal(GoN) seems to be unknown towards civil society", he added. The under director of Department of education (DOE)Deepak Sharma told that GoN raised SSRP as the concept of EFA Joint general secretary of UNESCO Nepal secretariat Sushil pandey said that though there is some comparative reformation in education, we have many problems in education. Under director of Non formal education center Babukaji Karki emphasized on the vocational education and fresh data of education. The chairman of NCEN, Dirganarayan Shrestha mentioned about the international agendas of education and its implementation and the role of media in it.

The government of Nepal seems to be indifference towards the agendas raised by Dhaka declaration on EFA 14 Dec 2009.

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